A well informed and well trained employee is the key to the success of the company! 10 out of 10 CEOs and almost all HR directors agree that employees are the most valuable asset of a company! Hence, the development of the employees remains the most critical and important task for the human resource department of the company. HRemedy offers a series of products to help companies maintain the federal and state compliancy as well as develop the employees professionally and emotionally! HRemedy is equipped to offer their clients’ employees the following critical training and programs

  • Standards of Business Conduct
  • Total Customer Experience
  • Putting Customers First
  • Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security
  • Information Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Standards of Personal Conduct
  • Customer Experience Standards
  • Diversity in Workplace Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training

All training programs are available in online format, which significantly reduces the cost for our clients. HRemedy will maintain the records on behalf of our clients and offer certifications to each employee as each employee completes the program. Please contact one of our knowledgable representatives immediately so that we can tailor a customized training program for your employees.